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Maths Truth or Maths Myth?

Here's a series of miscellaneous true-or-false questions related to maths. It covers different areas of mathematics, so algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics are all included. Take this quiz to test your maths know-how!


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#1   Histograms present discrete data.

#2   10 is the base of natural logarithms.

#3   If a pair of triangles have two equal sides and an equal angle, they must be congruent.

#4   If we multiply both sides of an inequality with a negative number, the inequality sign is switched.

#5   The lateral faces of prisms need not be rectangles.

#6   The diameter of a circle bisects any chord that is perpendicular to it.

#7   The product of a pair of conjugate complex numbers, (a+bi)(a-bi), must be a non-negative real number.

#8   There are infinitely many regular polygons but only five regular polyhedra.

#9   If tan x = y, then x is a function of y.

#10   After we transform a shape, the image may not be congruent to the pre-image.

#11   If you add a number to a finite set of numbers, the mean must change.

#12   The chord lengths of two sectors are proportional to the angles they subtend at the centre.

#13   If the discriminant of a quadratic equation is not positive, then it has no real roots.

#14   A decay factor is always negative.

#15   The co-domains (ranges) of sine and cosine are the same.

#16   A polynomial may only contain terms where the variable has a positive integral index.




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