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Colour Your World - Geography Edition

Many geographic locations, such as Green Bay, Wisconsin, contain colours as part of their name. How many of these places do you know?


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#1   The capital city of which Canadian province or territory contains a colour and a utensil in its name?

#2   The name of the capital of the US state known for Mardi Gras contains the French word for what colour?

#3   Though college sports fans are probably most familiar with the city in Ohio, the states of Florida, New York, Kentucky, and Missouri all have cities called Bowling ______.

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#4   Also the name of a popular casino card game, the city of ______ _____ is located in the state of Missouri.

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#5   With a population density of considerably less than 1 person per square kilometre, one of the world's largest islands is also one of its most sparsely populated. What colour appears in this island's name?

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#6   The former Canadian mining town, Keno City, Yukon, is located at one end of the ______ Trail Highway.

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#7   Fittingly, the city of ______ in NSW, Australia is a well known fruit growing area.

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#8   Yamoussoukro is the capital city of this French speaking country located in western Africa.

#9   Both a variety of ham and cake share their names with this wooded mountainous region in Germany.

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#10   Blackmans, St. Joseph; Black Rock, St. Michael; Blacksage, St. Lucy; and Black Bees, St. Peter are all cities and towns on which Caribbean island?

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