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"The Puzzling World of Winston Breen"

Where is the ring? Who hid it? Who will find it? How well did you comprehend the "The Puzzling World of Winston Breen"?


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Created By:sciencesteven


#1   How old was Katie turning on her birthday in the beginning of the book?

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#2   Where did Winston get the box with the false bottom?

#3   Which of these were one of Winston's pieces?

#4   Which of Katie's friends couldn't go to her party?

#5   What is Winston's math teacher's name?

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#6   What is the answer to the first puzzle?

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#7   Where did David North and Mickey Glowacka meet for the first time?

#8   The answer to the second puzzle is "Go ring the doorbell of Zach Dilmer."

#9   Who broke into Livia's and Mrs. Lewis's houses?

#10   Where is the ring hidden?




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