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"The Lost Hero" Characters

Rick Riordan continues the story of demigods in this first book from the "Heroes of Olympus" series. How much do you remember about the characters?


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#1   What is Jason's last name?

#2   Which character is a child of the god Hephaestus?

#3   What kind of creature is Gleeson Hedge?

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#4   At Camp Half-Blood, Piper's mother is revealed. Who is her mother?

#5   Which god or goddess took away Jason's memory?

#6   Who is Butch's mother?

#7   Jason, Leo, and Piper travel to Quebec to meet Boreas. Who is Boreas?

#8   Who is Festus?

#9   Which giant do Jason, Piper, Leo, and Gleeson battle on Mount Diablo?

#10   At the end of "The Lost Hero", Jason reveals the name of the demigod he believes he traded places with. Who is it?




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