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BioShock 2

In this 2010 first-person shooter, you return to the world of Rapture. This time, you play as a Big Daddy called Subject Delta, revived ten years after your own death. Your goal is to find and reunite with Eleanor Lamb, the Little Sister you were bonded to many years ago. Many things stand in your way, most of all Eleanor's own mother.


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Created By:Kaipper


#1   Who or what separates you from Eleanor?

#2   After Subject Delta is first revived, who speaks to you through the radio?

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#3   If you choose to adopt a Little Sister rather than harvest her, she can gather ADAM three times before you must return her to a vent.

#4   How many characters (not including the Little Sisters) are you given the direct choice to kill or spare?

#5   Who is Mark Meltzer?

#6   Who is Johnny Topside?

#7   Sofia Lamb kills her daughter by smothering her.

#8   How many possible endings are there?

#9   Which of these is NOT a multiplayer mode?

#10   The single-player DLC for this game is called Minerva's ____.

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