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Put Them in Order 2

In this quiz you are given a list of four items that need to be put into the specified order. The items are numbered 1 through 4. To answer, either select the numerical order from a list of multiple choices, or enter the numbers in the desired order for filling in the blank. Example: Statement: Put the following four colors in alphabetical order, from first to last: (1) red, (2) yellow, (3) green, (4) blue. Answer: 4312.


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#1   Put the following four U.S. states in order of statehood, from earliest to latest: (1) Minnesota, (2) Ohio, (3) Texas, (4) West Virginia.

#2   Put the following four Old Testament books in order of occurrence in the Bible (Roman Catholic), from earliest to latest: (1) "Daniel", (2) "Leviticus", (3) "Psalms", (4) "Ruth".

#3   Put the following four sharks in order of length, from longest to shortest: (1) basking, (2) great white, (3) nurse, (4) whale.

#4   Put the following four National Football League players in order of NFL career passing yards, from most to least: (1) Dan Marino, (2) Fran Tarkenton, (3) Jim Everett, (4) Johnny Unitas.

#5   Put the following four items in order of traditional wedding anniversary gift, from earliest to latest: (1) cotton, (2) ivory, (3) steel, (4) wood.

#6   Put the following four American Civil War battles in order of occurrence, from earliest to latest: (1) Antietam, (2) Gettysburg, (3) Shiloh, (4) Spotsylvania Court House.

#7   Put the following four mountains in order of height (altitude above sea level), from highest to lowest: (1) Mt. Aconcagua, (2) Mt. Everest, (3) Mt. Kilimanjaro, (4) Vinson Massif.

#8   Put the following four countries in order of obtaining independence from the United Kingdom, from earliest to latest: (1) Belize, (2) India, (3) New Zealand, (4) Uganda.

#9   Put the following four stars in order of apparent magnitude, from brightest to dimmest: (1) Altair, (2) Arcturus, (3) Capella, (4) Sirius.

#10   Put the following four books in order of first publication, from earliest to latest: (1) "David Copperfield", (2) "For Whom the Bell Tolls", (3) "To Kill a Mockingbird", (4) "War and Peace".

#11   Put the following four letters in order of Scrabble point value, from lowest to highest: (1) H, (2) J, (3) K, (4) M.

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#12   Put the following four African countries in order of location, from northernmost to southernmost (based on northernmost point): (1) Morocco, (2) Niger, (3) Somalia, (4) Zambia.

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#13   Put the following four cities in order of hosting the Summer Olympics (1896 through 1920 only), from earliest to latest: (1) Antwerp, Belgium, (2) Athens, Greece, (3) London, United Kingdom, (4) Paris, France.

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