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The Animal Kingdom: Gorgeous Gorillas

Gorillas are large mammals that belong to the primate family. How much do you know about this species?


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#1   The scientific name for gorillas is Pan troglodytes.

#2   Which continent do gorillas originate from?

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#3   What is the average lifespan of a gorilla in the wild?

#4   What is the average weight of a male gorilla?

#5   What is the average height of a female gorilla?

#6   On average, baby gorillas weigh about the same as human babies at birth.

#7   Are gorillas diurnal or nocturnal?

#8   Are gorillas herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

#9   Which of these is NOT a species of gorilla?

#10   What percentage of gorilla DNA is identical to human DNA?

#11   Gorillas are an endangered species.

#12   Which Rolling Stones album features a picture of a gorilla on the cover?




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