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What's Your Chicken IQ? 2

In this sequel to "What's Your Chicken IQ?", you will learn about the astonishing Naked Neck, the lovable Silkie, the enormous Jersey Giant, and more! Get ready!


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Category:Nature > Animals
Created By:klsowell


#1   What country did the Australorp originate in?

#2   The Sebright's full-sized counterpart is called a Wyandotte.

#3   The breed of chicken called the "Naked Neck" or ______ has no feathers on its neck.

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#4   ____ is actually an accepted color for chickens.

#5   The Jersey Giant is the biggest chicken breed.

#6   Chickens can fly as well as the average songbird.

#7   Bantam is the term for a miniature chicken.

#8   Some Silkies have five toes on each foot instead of four.

#9   Old English Game chickens were originally bred for pets.

#10   What is the generic name for the chicken's wild ancestor?

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