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Put Them in Order 4

In this quiz you are given a list of four items that need to be put into the specified order. The items are numbered 1 through 4. To answer, either select the numerical order from a list of multiple choices, or enter the numbers in the desired order for filling in the blank. Example: Put the following four colors in alphabetical order, from first to last: (1) red, (2) yellow, (3) green, (4) blue. Answer is 4312.


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#1   Put the following four Australian states in order of area, from smallest to largest: (1) Queensland, (2) South Australia, (3) Victoria, (4) Western Australia.

#2   Put the following four measurements in order of length, from shortest to longest: (1) chain, (2) fathom, (3) furlong, (4) rod.

#3   Put the following four National Hockey League players in order of NHL career goals scored, from most to least: (1) Dino Ciccarelli, (2) Gordie Howe, (3) Mark Messier, (4) Phil Esposito.

#4   Put the following four American astronauts in order of setting foot on the moon, from earliest to latest: (1) Alan Shepard, (2) David Scott, (3) Harrison Schmitt, (4) Neil Armstrong.

#5   Put the following four constellation figures in alphabetical order of constellation names (eg Leo the lion): (1) bull, (2) eagle, (3) swan, (4) whale.

#6   Put the following four U.S. coins in order of when first minted, from earliest to latest: (1) Jefferson nickel, (2) Lincoln cent, (3) Roosevelt dime, (4) Washington quarter.

#7   Put the following four Canadian prime ministers in order of term, from earliest to latest: (1) Alexander Mackenzie, (2) John Diefenbaker, (3) Pierre Trudeau, (4) Wilfrid Laurier.

#8   Put the following four card suits in order of rank in the game of Bridge, from strongest to weakest: (1) clubs, (2) diamonds, (3) hearts, (4) spades.

#9   Put the following four periods of the Paleozoic Era in chronological order, from earliest to latest: (1) Cambrian, (2) Carboniferous, (3) Permian, (4) Silurian.

#10   Put the following four birthstones in order of month, from January through December: (1) diamond, (2) garnet, (3) ruby, (4) sapphire.

#11   Put the following four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in alphabetical order of color (blue, orange, red, violet): (1) Donatello, (2) Leonardo, (3) Michelangelo, (4) Raphael.

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#12   Put the following four Great Lakes in order of area, from largest to smallest: (1) Lake Erie, (2) Lake Huron, (3) Lake Ontario, (4) Lake Superior.

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#13   Put the following four James Bond movies in order of theatrical release, from earliest to latest: (1) "A View to a Kill", (2) "Goldfinger", (3) "Live and Let Die", (4) "The Spy Who Loved Me".

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