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Automobile Engines

This is a quiz about the construction and operation of the internal combustion engines used in modern automobiles. The question content is fundamental, but in-depth as well.


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#1   Some intake and exhaust valves have hollow stems and heads, filled with what element?

#2   Which of these components does a gasoline engine have, that a diesel engine does not?

#3   Which of these is not a job of engine oil?

#4   The ______ engine does not contain pistons or cylinders, but rather uses one or more roughly triangular rotors on an eccentric shaft.

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#5   An insert bearing is fitted tightly between the upper end bore of a connecting rod and the crankshaft journal.

#6   Fuel injection systems have made what device almost completely obsolete?

#7   The intake valve and exhaust valve of a cylinder can be open at the same time without causing a problem.

#8   Fuel injectors must be timed to inject fuel during the intake stroke.

#9   Some engines have 2 valves per cylinder. Others have 4 valves per cylinder. Still others have 3 valves per cylinder.

#10   The distributor controls the distribution of what?




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