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Mario Kart DS

Do you know "Mario Kart DS"? Do you know the tracks? Do you know the characters? Do you know the karts? This quiz will test you on everything listed.


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Created By:sciencesteven


#1   Which is the third track of the Leaf Cup?

#2   GBA Sky Garden reappears in this game.

#3   Which track is first of the Flower Cup?

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#4   Which of these characters isn't in this game?

#5   The Mushmellow is Toad's third kart.

#6   Which track is the fourth of the Star Cup?

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#7   GCN Mushroom City reappears in this game.

#8   Which track is the first of the Leaf Cup?

#9   N64 Frappe Snowland reappears in this game.

#10   Koopa Troopa is a playable character in this game.

#11   Which kart is in the game?

#12   Which course in this game is "Waluigi-themed"?

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#13   R.O.B.'s third kart is called the ROB-BLS.




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