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Digimon I

Digimon is a franchise that includes many toys and games, and several television seasons, focused on fictional digital monsters known as digimon. These questions involve random bits of trivial information, mostly about the television series. You will have to be a big fan to get a great score!


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#1   In "Digimon Tamers" (season 3), what does Beelzemon ride?

#2   Takato is the name of the star (human) character in which season of the "Digimon" series?

#3   In the first season, "Digimon Adventure", most of the DigiDestined's digimon reach Mega level at some point.

#4   In "Digimon Tamers" (season 3), the tamers encounter the twelve members of a group called the _____. These digimon represent the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac and include Sandiramon, Makuramon, and Vajramon.

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#5   In "Digimon Adventure" (season 1), what is the first digimon that attacks the group of DigiDestined?

#6   For a great portion of "Digimon Adventure" (season 1), only seven of the eight DigiDestined are known. Who is the eighth DigiDestined, not known until later?

#7   Which of these "Digimon" video games does not exist?

#8   In 2000, what American fast food chain gave away promotional Digimon trading cards -- made of metal -- with kids' meals?

#9   Which digimon does not fit into this digivolution line (based on the first two seasons)?

#10   Who do the DigiDestined defeat in the final battle of "Digimon Adventure 02" (season 2)?




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