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Put Them in Order 5

In this quiz you are given a list of four items that need to be put into the specified order. The items are numbered 1 through 4. To answer, either select the numerical order from a list of multiple choices, or enter the numbers in the desired order for filling in the blank. Example: Put the following four colors in alphabetical order, from first to last: (1) red, (2) yellow, (3) green, (4) blue. Answer is 4312.


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#1   Put the following four National Football League franchises in order of first Super Bowl victory, from earliest to latest: (1) Chicago Bears, (2) Dallas Cowboys, (3) Denver Broncos, (4) Pittsburgh Steelers.

#2   Put the following four Tom Cruise movies in order of theatrical release, from earliest to latest: (1) "Born on the Fourth of July", (2) "Jerry Maguire", (3) "Minority Report", (4) "Top Gun".

#3   Put the following four French monarchs in order of reign, from earliest to latest: (1) Charles II, (2) Henry II, (3) John II, (4) Philip II.

#4   Put the following four wars (fought between 1860 and 1920) in order of occurrence, from earliest to latest: (1) Franco-Prussian War, (2) Italo-Turkish War, (3) Russo-Japanese War, (4) Spanish-American War.

#5   Put the following four U.S. national parks in order of establishment, from earliest to latest: (1) Everglades, (2) Glacier, (3) Yellowstone, (4) Yosemite.

#6   Put the following four Soviet cosmonauts in order of space mission, from earliest to latest: (1) German Titov, (2) Pavel Belyayev, (3) Valentina Tereshkova, (4) Yuri Gagarin.

#7   Put the following four countries in order of obtaining independence from Spain, from earliest to latest: (1) Bolivia, (2) Colombia, (3) Equatorial Guinea, (4) Guatemala.

#8   Put the following four toys/games in order of creation, from earliest to latest: (1) Erector Set, (2) Etch-a-Sketch, (3) Monopoly, (4) Mr. Potato Head.

#9   Put the following four chemical elements in order of melting point, from lowest to highest: (1) gold, (2) iron, (3) lead, (4) magnesium.

#10   Put the following four cities in order of hosting the Winter Olympics (1924 through 1952 only), from earliest to latest: (1) Chamonix, France, (2) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, (3) Lake Placid, United States, (4) Oslo, Norway.

#11   Put the following four Harry Potter books in order of series sequence, from earliest to latest: (1) "Chamber of Secrets", (2) "Deathly Hallows", (3) "Goblet of Fire", (4) "Order of the Phoenix".

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#12   Put the following four billiard ball solid colors in numerical order, from lowest to highest: (1) blue, (2) green, (3) orange, (4) yellow.

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#13   Put the following four letters in order of the Greek alphabet, from alpha to omega: (1) iota, (2) phi, (3) xi, (4) zeta.

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