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Professional Athlete: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is said to be one of the greatest players of all time in the sport of tennis. He has dominated his sport in the last decade. Do you know much about this superstar?


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#1   Is Rafael Nadal part of the Big Four in tennis?

#2   What is Rafael Nadal's nationality?

#3   In what year did Rafael Nadal turn pro?

#4   What was the first Grand Slam tournament Rafael Nadal won?

#5   Rafael Nadal won his first ATP match before he turned 16.

#6   When did Rafael Nadal achieve his first World Number 1 ranking?

#7   Rafael Nadal was the first male tennis player to complete the Career Golden Slam.

#8   Which of the following people did Rafael Nadal defeat first in a Grand Slam final?

#9   How many Grand Slam tournaments did Rafael Nadal win before turning 25?

#10   Who is Rafael Nadal's coach?




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