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Harry Potter OWLs

Take the OWLs and see if you'll pass as you answer questions about Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Ancient Runes, and Care of Magical Creatures.


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#1   You walk into your Charms written exam and sit down. After a few minutes, you're stuck on a question. What is the hand movement for the silencing charm?

#2   As you approach the end of your test, you're stuck on a multiple choice question. Which of the following will allow you to move a tree?

#3   During your practical Transfiguration test, you suddenly forget what the incantation for a spell is. What is the incantation to vanish something?

#4   Your Transfiguration examiner asks you to duplicate a bracelet. What is the incantation to do so?

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#5   Now, as you are walking to your Potions written OWL, you are mentally testing yourself. Suddenly you forget what a solution of pickled and strained Murtlap tentacles does. However, you do remember it is one of the following. Which one is it?

#6   As you brew your Strengthening Solution, you forget whether you should put salamander blood or pomegranate juice. Which one should you put in?

#7   As you finish the first stage of the Strengthening Solution, you are unsure if your potion's colour is correct or not. Your potion is currently turquoise. This is the right colour.

#8   While taking your Defense Against the Dark Arts written portion, you come across a question asking you to write down the correct incantation for the disarming spell. However, you cannot remember how to spell it. Which one is correct?

#9   As you are taking your practical Defense Against the Dark Arts portion, your examiner asks you to repel a boggart. What is the incantation to expel him?

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#10   You are in Herbology and are asked to extract Bubotuber Pus from a Bubotuber plant. Bubotuber pus can cause boils and nose losses.

#11   You are in your Ancient Runes written test. What does eihwaz mean?

#12   You are at your last OWL test, Care of Magical Creatures. For your last task, you must try to find a Bowtruckle amongst a bunch of twigs. Which combination can you offer to it that will most likely make it come out of hiding?




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