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Maths Truth or Maths Myth? II

Here's a series of miscellaneous true-or-false questions related to maths. It covers different areas of mathematics, so algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics are all included. Take this quiz to test your maths know-how!


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#1   Concyclic points are not always coplanar.

#2   All sequences can be expressed with a general term.

#3   0! = sin 90

#4   The uniform cross-section of a cylinder is not always a circle.

#5   Cubes have nine planes of symmetry.

#6   nP(n-1) = n!

#7   The equation of a vertical line is y = a, where a is a constant.

#8   If two quadrilaterals share a common vertex, they are tangent polygons.

#9   If two coplanar triangles have one common side and their vertices are concyclic, then the angles at the non-overlapping vertices must be equal.

#10   A quadrilateral with a pair of equal opposite sides and a pair of parallel sides must be a parallelogram.

#11   If f(a) = f(b), then a = b, where a and b are constants.

#12   On a map, it only takes four colours to make sure each area's colour is distinct from that of its neighbours.

#13   If a point with the coordinates (a, b) is rotated about the origin 90 degrees clockwise, then the new point will be located at (b, -a).

#14   Let's say a cone is cut from a larger cone, leaving a frustum. By cubing the ratio of the cone's base radius to that of the frustum, we get the ratio between their volumes.

#15   Some cones have a curved surface area of pi * r * s, where s is the slant height; others do not.




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