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"The Simpsons" Family: Homer Simpson

"The Simpsons" is an American animated comedy that was created by Matt Groening. The programme has been running since 1989. How much do you know about Homer Simpson?


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#1   What is Homer's full name?

#2   When is Homer's birthday?

#3   Which of these is Homer's favourite food?

#4   In what sector does Homer work at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant?

#5   In the episode "Selma's Choice", where did Homer want to go?

#6   Which of the following did Homer once have for a pet?

#7   Homer was once a music manager for a country singer. Who was the singer he managed?

#8   In which episode does Homer put on weight in order to get out of a new calisthenics programme at work?

#9   In the episode "Treehouse of Horror V", which of the following is a quote from Homer?

#10   Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, is the only main cast member who has also written episodes of "The Simpsons".




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