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"Who's the Boss"

How much do you know about Braingle's game, "Who's the Boss"? Do you know the mathematics of the game? This quiz will tell you if you will reveal the boss in the final round, or get fired in the first round.


Quiz ID:#32706
Fun:*** (2.36)
Difficulty:* (0.96)
Created By:sciencesteven


#1   If you vote for the boss, you cannot be fired.

#2   If you're not the boss, and you get the most votes in a round, you get fired.

#3   The rat gets automatically fired if they don't hack the network.

#4   The rat is supposed to divert growing suspicion away from the boss.

#5   The moderator always picks the boss and the rat.

#6   If somebody gets a majority of votes, the round automatically ends.

#7   The game reveals the name of the rat when the rat is fired.

#8   As long as there are no mandatory firings in the round, the boss can choose not to fire anyone.

#9   The moderator can automatically fire people if the moderator wants to.

#10   The very first "Who's the Boss" game was moderated by Jake, the owner of Braingle.




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