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Digimon II: "Digimon World 3"

This is the second installment in my series of quizzes on Digimon. Digimon is a franchise that includes a TV series, toys, video games, and more. It features "digital monsters" who are often partnered with human children. This time, all of the questions will be about the game "Digimon World 3". You will have to be a true fan of the game to ace this one!


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Created By:eighsse


#1   No baby or in-training digimon can be played or fought in this game.

#2   Any of the playable rookie digimon can digivolve to any of the playable mega digimon.

#3   What is the name of the bar in Asuka City where you often can hear rumors that lead you in the right direction in the game?

#4   What is the name of the battle card shop in the city?

#5   Where can you find wild Kiwimon?

#6   By fishing or by kicking the kicking trees throughout the game, you can find many varieties of a digimon that gives you a special type of item if you can defeat one. What type of item is that?

#7   What unusual digimon impedes your path the first time you try to go to the South Sector?

#8   Who is the boss of the Dum Dum Factory?

#9   Where can wild Vikemon be found?

#10   Who is the final boss of the game?




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