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Measure This

This quiz tests your knowledge of various forms of measurement.


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#1   Per the Enhanced Fujita Scale for rating tornado intensity, what is the minimum wind speed (miles per hour) required for a tornado to be classified EF5?

#2   As defined by SI (International System of Units), what element is used to define the length of a second of time?

#3   At what temperature do the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales have the same numerical value?

#4   Per the Morgan-Keenan stellar classification system, what is the hottest class of stars?

#5   What is the SI (International System of Units) unit of measurement for quantifying air pressure?

#6   Per the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, at what sustained wind speed (miles per hour) does a tropical storm become classified as a hurricane?

#7   How many levels does the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale for measuring earthquakes have?

#8   Compared to the common (Avoirdupois) ounce, what is the weight of a Troy ounce?

#9   How many times brighter is a star of magnitude 1 compared to a star of magnitude 2?

#10   What grain is used as the basis for determining shoe sizes?

#11   An acidic solution will turn red litmus paper blue.

#12   In the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, each hardness level is twice as hard as the previous hardness level.

#13   The volt is the electrical unit of measurement for defining electromotive force.




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