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Where the Boys Are

Lots of words feature male or masculine parts or male names. How many can you guess?


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Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:* (1.05)
Created By:ChristinK


#1   He's in the woodwinds section of an orchestra:

#2   He's a fool or silly person:

#3   He's often fearful:

#4   He makes pancakes or waffles:

#5   He's simply a baboon:

#6   He'll help you to operate something or explain it to you:

#7   He's either a haircut, a type of movement, or a weight at the end of a string:

#8   He'll help you lift your car:

#9   He'll molest, plague, or attack you repeatedly:

#10   He can be himself OR his sister:

#11   His father's old-fashioned name is more like his mother's:




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