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"Minecraft: Test of Knowledge"

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the game "Minecraft". Questions include makers of the game, basic functions in the game, and random knowledge of the game's mechanics and features.


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Created By:DaTrinity22


#1   What is the goal of "Minecraft"?

#2   Who is the new Lead Designer of "Minecraft"?

#3   What is the maximum level you can enchant with in "Minecraft"? (without cheats)

#4   What is the percent chance of getting an apple from leaves?

#5   If you let the leaves of a tree rot, you have a better chance of getting apples and saplings.

#6   A gold sword does more damage than stone, but has low durability.

#7   As of 1.6.4, how many biomes does "Minecraft" have, not including the Nether and the End?

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#8   What is the median y-coordinate of the range that has the greatest chance of containing diamonds?

#9   What is Notch's first name?

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#10   Every "Minecraft" player has probably heard of Sky Does Minecraft from Youtube. His "Minecraft" username is SkythekidRS. In SkythekidRS, what does the RS stand for?

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