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This amazing molecule directs the very way humans (not to mention all other life forms) grow, develop, and function. How much do you know about it?


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#1   In DNA, which nitrogen base pairs with adenine?

#2   In DNA, which nitrogen base pairs with cytosine?

#3   Which RNA nitrogen base pairs with adenine during transcription?

#4   Which bond forms between two paired nucleotides' nitrogen bases?

#5   All viruses have DNA as their genetic material.

#6   All bacteria have DNA as their genetic material.

#7   Which enzyme seals the gaps between consecutive but unsealed nucleotides or nucleotide fragments during DNA replication?

#8   Select the term for the short, newly-added fragments on the lagging template strand during DNA replication.

#9   Which of the following is true about DNA?

#10   Which type of organic macromolecule is DNA?




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