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Art of the Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance was an era of rebirth and regrowth marked by cultural change and innovation. These changes manifested themselves in a multiplicity of different forms, including in art. How much do you know about the art of the Italian Renaissance?


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#1   Which of these Proto-Renaissance artists was considered a great influence to the realistic styles of Renaissance art?

#2   Which Renaissance painter painted "The School of Athens"?

#3   All but which of the following artists painted a work called "The Adoration of the Magi"?

#4   Which of these Renaissance artists was an architect?

#5   One of the following artists did not sculpt a representation of the Biblical figure David. Which one is it?

#6   Which of the following was NOT a major characteristic of Renaissance art?

#7   Which of the following artists painted "Tribute Money", one of the first famous Renaissance works?

#8   Which of the following artists painted "The Last Supper"?

#9   Botticelli painted all but which of the following works?

#10   Which of the following works of art depicting a scene from Greek mythology was NOT painted by the famous Renaissance painter Titian?




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