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Percussion Instruments

Did you know percussion isn't just drums? There are actually many other instruments along with drums. Test your skills; how much do you know?


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#1   Which of the following is a mallet instrument?

#2   The preferred way to stop the ringing of a cymbal is to press the cymbals together tighter.

#3   Which of the following is an unpitched percussion instrument?

#4   The percussion "family" is the smallest in the orchestra.

#5   In a jazz band, which of the following instruments is never used in the percussion section?

#6   Which instrument in the percussion section has the highest pitch?

#7   Which instrument has to be tuned every time you need to use it?

#8   What is the only instrument that needs to be warmed up before you play it?

#9   What is the core sound of the percussion section?

#10   Which instrument has the deepest sound?




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