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"Clementine" by Sara Pennypacker

Have you ever heard of the "Clementine" series by Sara Pennypacker? It's about this wacky girl named Clementine. She gets into all these crazy adventures, but do you know them? Let's see here!


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#1   How long does each book spend with Clementine?

#2   In book #5, what is Clementine's mother going to have?

#3   Clementine immediately shouts "NO!" to the news at her family meeting.

#4   In book #3, what does Clementine plant?

#5   In which book does the tree sprout?

#6   The final book is #7.

#7   Who is Clementine's best friend?

#8   Clementine's little brother's name is never revealed in the first six books.

#9   What does Clementine call her little brother?

#10   What is book #3 called?

#11   Name one Clementine book.

#12   What is book #6 called?

#13   One of Clementine's favorite phrases is, "Okay, fine."




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