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Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"

Whether you love reading and analyzing works by famous authors, or simply enjoy classical novels of the bildungsroman genre, you must have heard of "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte at one point in time or another. Test your knowledge of the book's plot with this quiz!


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#1   Which of the following is one of the cousins Jane lives with at Gateshead Hall?

#2   Did Jane like reading the Book of Psalms in the Bible?

#3   Jane Eyre attends the _____ Institution, an all-girls boarding school, after leaving Gateshead Hall.

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#4   Which of the following characters is the supervisor for the school Jane attended and taught at in her teens?

#5   What is the name of Jane's beloved school friend who eventually dies of typhus fever? This character serves as Jane's spiritual mentor during her years in school.

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#6   Which of the following is Jane's favorite teacher at her all-girls school?

#7   Who makes the decision to hire Jane as a governess for Adele, a young girl who lives at Thornfield Hall?

#8   Which of the following characters is Adele's mother?

#9   Which of the following characters does Jane fall in love with?

#10   Does Mr. Rochester love Blanche Ingram?

#11   What is special about Bertha Mason?

#12   Who is Bertha Mason's caretaker? (Give first and last name.)

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#13   Why does Jane decide to leave Thornfield and reject Mr. Rochester's love?

#14   Where does Jane go after she leaves Thornfield?

#15   Which of the following characters is St. John Rivers in love with?

#16   What does Jane decide to do with her massive inheritance her Uncle John left her?

#17   Why doesn't Jane agree to marry St. John?

#18   What happened to Thornfield Hall while Jane was with her cousins?

#19   Which of these characters serves as a foil to Edward Rochester?

#20   Do Jane and Mr. Rochester end up marrying?




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