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SimCity Basics

In "SimCity", you get to be the mayor of your own city! However, there are many challenges that come with being a mayor. You need make sure that your Sims are happy, and that your city florushes. Do you know the basics when it comes to being the mayor of your own city? Take this quiz to find out.


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Created By:BinaryHedgehog


#1   You have direct control over everything that happens in your city.

#2   What are Residential zones for?

#3   What are Commercial zones for?

#4   What are Industrial zones for?

#5   Which zones don't go together?

#6   What CAN a zone grow without?

#7   The RCI meter tells you what zones are in demand.

#8   Name a zone density.

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#9   What can you build to raise land value?

#10   What is a consequence of road travel?

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