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"Clue" Movie

Six guests are invited to a strange house and must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery.


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#1   Who played the butler?

#2   Which of these weapons did Miss Scarlet receive when they were given out?

#3   How was the singing telegraph girl killed?

#4   There are three different endings to this movie. Which of these is NOT one of them?

#5   The name of the place where all the guests meet up at is called Hill House.

#6   Who was killed with the lead pipe?

#7   How was Yvette killed?

#8   This movie came out in what year?

#9   Who had the first line of dialogue in the movie?

#10   Who directed this movie?

#11   How many shots were fired at the first chandelier to cause it to fall?

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#12   Who did Mr. Green really work for?

#13   Blackmail is what brought all the guests together in the first place. What was Professor Plum being blackmailed for?

#14   What was Mrs. White being blackmailed for?

#15   There was a secret passage from the kitchen to what other room in the house?

#16   When they split up into pairs to search the house, who was paired up with Professor Plum?

#17   Who did Wadsworth get paired up with in the search?

#18   Who was teamed up with Mr. Green when they paired off to search the house?

#19   Miss Scarlet thought someone could be hiding behind the drapes in the ballroom because she saw movement. What was responsible for the movement of the drapes?

#20   Which televison show in 2013 did an episode entitled "100 Clues" in tribute to this movie?




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