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Murder By Death

This quiz is based on the movie "Murder By Death." Five famous literary detective characters and their sidekicks are invited to a bizarre mansion to solve an even stranger mystery.


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Created By:Kozmo


#1   What actor plays the butler in this film?

#2   The actor who plays Sam Diamond also played a very famous TV detective. Name the TV series.

#3   The new kitchen maid has two disabilities. What are they?

#4   Which actress plays the kitchen maid?

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#5   Which actor plays the role of the host?

#6   All the guests are invited up to a large imposing mansion for a weekend. The invitations say "You are invited for dinner and a ______."

#7   This movie is based on a story by whom?

#8   Who plays Inspector Sidney Wang?

#9   In what year did this movie come out?

#10   What sound does the doorbell make?

#11   What is the real reason their host has brought them to his mansion?

#12   Who has a motive for killing Lionel Twain?

#13   What is the butler's name?

#14   Who is left alive at the end of the movie?

#15   Every invitee can bring a plus one. Who is Milo Perrier's plus one?

#16   All of the guests and their "plus ones" at the end of the night retire to their rooms, where there are deadly traps awaiting them all. What deadly trap is awaiting Jessica Marbles and her "plus one"?

#17   What trap is awaiting Sidney Wang?

#18   What trap is awaiting Sam Diamond?

#19   Inspector Wang confronts the murderer after he escapes his trap. The murderer asks, "How did you know it was me?" Wang replies, "Went back to theory seldom used today. _____ ___ _____."

#20   When walking to the car, Wang's son asks him, "I don't understand, Pop. Was there a murder or wasn't there?" How does Wang answer him?




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