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"Wii Music"

Do you play "Wii Music"? As you get higher, you unlock more. Do you play it often? Or well? Let's test your knowledge of "Wii Music" in this quiz.


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Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:MDCTeasers


#1   Completing the first Expand your Style lesson unlocks the Music Room.

#2   The "Wii Music" song is unlocked by completing the first Expand your Style lesson.

#3   Which song is NOT in "Wii Music"?

#4   Which instruments were invented for "Wii Music"?

#5   Which song IS in "Wii Music"?

#6   "Wii Music" was actually produced by a different game designer, not Nintendo.

#7   Name one song that is under Game Music and rated 3 stars.

#8   What is the standard instrument used to do the melody line in "I'll Be There"?

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#9   The cuica was invented for "Wii Music".

#10   The balalaika is an instrument unlocked to play "Troika" with.

#11   You cannot download songs onto "Wii Music".

#12   Which of these is NOT a stage in "Wii Music"?

#13   Which of these IS a stage in "Wii Music"?

#14   The "Wii Music" theme song is not a song available to play from the list of songs in "Wii Music".

#15   Which of these happens when you jump in Beachside Drive?

#16   Which of these happens when you jump in Galactic Voyage?

#17   Which instruments make up the "Exotic" style?

#18   Which instruments make the "A Capella" style?

#19   Which instruments make the "African" style?

#20   Which choice is a song that is in "Wii Music"?




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