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The Sevens Circuit

How much do you know about rugby's fast growing sevens division? This quiz will test your knowledge of sevens rugby's basic rules and structures.


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#1   How many forwards are there in a sevens team?

#2   How many backs are there in a sevens team?

#3   What role does the 'sweeper' play for his team?

#4   How do you convert a try?

#5   How long is one half of a normal sevens game?

#6   You can not have a maul in sevens rugby.

#7   What happened if you missed a tackle?

#8   The side step is a recognised sevens maneuver.

#9   Sevens rugby is an Olympic sport.

#10   You are not allowed to lift a team mate off the ground and in the air so that he can catch the ball in the air.




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