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Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Roald Dahl was an author, poet, and screenwriter. He is mainly known for the books he wrote for children, although he also wrote books aimed at adults. How much do you know about his book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?


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#1   When was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" first published?

#2   How many chapters are there in the book?

#3   Which of these is NOT a theme in the book?

#4   Who is the protagonist in the book?

#5   In what city does the book take place?

#6   What is the name of the Prince that Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about?

#7   Who is the first child to find a Golden Ticket?

#8   Who is the second child to find a Golden Ticket?

#9   Who is the third child to find a Golden Ticket?

#10   Who is the fourth child to find a Golden Ticket?

#11   Who is the fifth child to find a Golden Ticket?

#12   In which chapter does Charlie first see Willy Wonka?

#13   What colour is Willy Wonka's tail coat?

#14   What is the first room Willy Wonka shows his guests?

#15   What is the second room that Willy Wonka shows his guests?

#16   Which room has squirrels working in it?

#17   Who chooses to go to the Television Chocolate Room?

#18   When Charlie is the last child left, Willy Wonka, Grandpa Joe, and Charlie go to the Great Glass Elevator. Which button does Willy Wonka press?

#19   Willy Wonka invites Charlie and his family to live with him in the factory.

#20   Which of the following is a character who was left out of the book?




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