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Roald Dahl's "Matilda"

Roald Dahl was an author, poet, and screenwriter. He is mainly known for the books he wrote for children, although he also wrote books aimed at adults. How much do you know about his book "Matilda"?


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#1   When was "Matilda" first published?

#2   How many chapters are in the book?

#3   Which of these is NOT a motif in the book?

#4   What is Matilda's last name?

#5   What happens on weekdays in Matilda's home?

#6   What do Matilda's parents like to do?

#7   What is the name of the librarian?

#8   What business does Matilda's father own?

#9   How does Matilda get revenge on her father in chapter three?

#10   What colour does the father's hair turn?

#11   Matilda starts going to Crunchem Hall Primary School. What is the name of her teacher?

#12   What is the name of the headmistress of the school?

#13   Matilda's teacher goes to visit Matilda's parents.

#14   All of Matilda's classmates are jealous of her and hate her.

#15   Why does the headmistress punish a girl called Amanda?

#16   What sort of cake is Bruce Bogtrotter forced to eat?

#17   What is the first miracle that Matilda does which involves her psychic ability?

#18   What do we find out about Miss Honey and Trunchball?

#19   How does Matilda get the headmistress to leave the school?

#20   What happens to Matilda at the end of the book?




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