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Do You Have This Phobia? III

How well do you know the names for the phobias that almost everyone has one or more of? Watch for the clues!


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#1   If you have Heliophobia, you must like cloudy days.

#2   If you have Homichlophobia, you probably didn't watch the movie with this in the title and present throughout the movie.

#3   If you have Latrophobia, you must eat an apple a day.

#4   If you have Kathisophobia, you won't need chairs.

#5   If you have Lachanophobia, your diet must be very limited.

#6   If you have Linonophobia, you don't like to fly a kite.

#7   If you have Mageirocophobia, you must know every take-out place and restaurant in your area.

#8   If you have Melophobia, you are truly missing some beautiful sounds.

#9   If you have Microphobia, you must do everything in a big way.

#10   If you have Ombrophobia, you must not like showers and only take baths.




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