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The Gollywhopper Games

This is a multiple choice quiz about "The Gollywhopper Games", a realistic fiction book.


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Fun:** (1.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Created By:themasterbrain


#1   How many people enter the Gollywhopper Games altogether?

#2   Who is the main character of this story?

#3   Who is the author of this book?

#4   What was the game for the answer to the first question in the semifinals?

#5   What color team is Gil on in the semifinals?

#6   The Gollywhopper Games are on Golly Toys and Games' __ anniversary.

#7   August __ is Thaddeus G. Golliwop's birthday.

#8   What are the names of the twins who bully the main character?

#9   What does the main character plan to do with the money if he/she wins the Gollywhopper Games?

#10   What was the main character's dad convicted of?




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