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English Landmarks: Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a famous stone formation in England. How much do you know about this famous landmark?


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#1   Where is Stonehenge located?

#2   When is it estimated that Stonehenge began to be constructed?

#3   What is one of the types of stone used to make Stonehenge?

#4   One of the types of stone used is sarsen. How much does the largest sarsen stone weigh?

#5   How many men are estimated to have been needed to move one stone?

#6   Some of the stones used originally came from Wales. How far did these stones have to travel?

#7   By how many years did the building of Stonehenge precede the building of the pyramids?

#8   How many stone circles can be found in the British Isles?

#9   One theory about Stonehenge is that it was made by aliens.

#10   Visitors are always allowed to walk among the stones.




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