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"The Walking Dead" (Season 1)

This is a quiz about AMC's award-winning show: "The Walking Dead". Test your knowledge of this zombie-filled drama in this quick quiz!


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Fun:*** (2.78)
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Category:Television > Drama
Created By:Smartfreak13


#1   Where does Rick Grimes wake up in the post apocalyptic world?

#2   Who is Rick's son?

#3   Lori had an affair with whom on the show?

#4   Who are the first people Rick meets after waking from his coma?

#5   What is the only sure way of taking down a Walker?

#6   What did Glenn do before the outbreak?

#7   "The Walking Dead" is filmed in which state?

#8   Rick leaves somebody handcuffed to a roof. Who is it?

#9   What was Rick's profession before the outbreak?

#10   Who digs numerous graves which worries the rest of the camp?




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