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Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions

How much can you remember from these games? Can you remember the characters? Can you remember the settings? Can you remember the tiny details that are easy overlooked? This quiz tests those things.


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#1   For which console were these games originally released?

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#2   Which Pokémon is depicted in the boxart of the Gold Version?

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#3   Which Pokémon is depicted in the boxart of the Silver Version?

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#4   In which region do both games begin?

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#5   Which of these is not one of the starter Pokémon in the games?

#6   Which is the name of the main character of the games?

#7   The seventh Gym Leader is who?

#8   The Elite 4 in the games consists of the same people as the Elite 4 in the Red and Blue Versions.

#9   Delibird can only be captured as a wild Pokémon in the Gold Version.

#10   Who is the champion of the first region at the beginning of each game?

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