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Dark Disney

Guess these animated Disney movies based on their explanations as if they're horror movies.


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Created By:hermygranger123


#1   A teenage girl is fascinated with a world that is looked down upon and stalks a world with killers of her kind. She abandons her family after meeting a stranger.

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#2   A crazed girl with magical powers runs away from home. A murderous kidnapper tries to find her, and a thief with a fake identity is nearly killed.

#3   A murderous person tries to kill a strongman. The strongman saves an agent of hell, which leads to him nearly getting crushed.

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#4   A lost girl eats and drinks things that make her change. She takes advice from an eerie cat, which leads to her nearly getting killed by a murderous queen. In the end, it turns out to be a dream - or is it?

#5   A crazy queen talks to an inanimate object. She then attempts to murder a young girl.

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#6   The title character's mother is killed. The title character then tries to kill both his own kind and dogs. He is then nearly killed.

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#7   A hideous being stalks a woman, talks to generally inaminate objects, frightens people, and kills someone.

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#8   A flying boy kidnaps children from bed. Because one of his hands is missing, a captain seeks revenge, but is fed to a crocodile.

#9   A magical being nearly kills her sister. She runs away and nearly kills her sister again. She then nearly kills two guys. When she returns, someone else tries to kill both her and her sister.

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#10   An ugly beast kidnaps a crazy guy and then exchanges him for his daughter. He refuses to feed her and then kills the only non-family member that likes her.




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