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Discworld I

"Discworld" is a bestselling series started by Terry Pratchett in 1983. As of 2014, he has written over 40 accompanying books, and many of them have made it to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.


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Created By:Archet


#1   What is so special about the Counterweight Continent?

#2   Which real-life person is Captain Carrot modeled after?

#3   What is the colour of magic?

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#4   The Cabinet of Curiosity can create any item for you, so long as it's not alive, not _____, and can fit into a drawer that's 14.14 by 14.14 inches large.

#5   The Discworld god Offler has a human body and the head of an animal. Which animal?

#6   Sir Samuel Vimes (head of the City Watch) has a son also named Sam Vimes.

#7   What is the name of the chief reporter for the Ankh-Morpork Times?

#8   Which Discworld character appears in every book except for "Wee Free Men" and "Snuff"?

#9   There is a race on Discworld in which every single individual has the exact same name. What name is this?

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#10   Which of these is a real Discworld holiday?




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