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Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader?

This quiz sounds easy, right? Well, you're about to figure out how much a sixth grader knows. This isn't going to be too easy. If you are looking for a challenge, you found it.


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#1   You decide to fly around the world. You take the new Superspeed jet and make it around the world in an hour. If you left at 3:00, when did you arrive back?

#2   "Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes." Everybody has heard that phrase before, but who actually said it first?

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#3   Can you solve factorials and permutations? What is(6!-5!)/P(5,3)?

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#4   Ah, factoring. It's a wonderful mathematical function, especially with binomials. Try to factor 6XX+5XY-6YY-8X+14Y-8

#5   There are 3 feet in a yard, so what is the number of square inches in a square foot minus the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard?

#6   In trigonometry, there are many relationships in a right triangle. What is the ratio of opposite side over hypotenuse?

#7   Plants make food out of water and carbon dioxide. If a plant needs to absorb 6 molecules of water and 6 molecules of carbon dioxide, and the plant releases 6 oxygen molecules (O2) to make one glucose, what is the chemical formula?

#8   The American Revolutionary War gave many nicknames to generals on both sides. Which choice correctly matches an American Revolutionary War general to their nickname?

#9   During the Civil War, two commanding generals, one on each side, did not wear the general's uniform to match their rank. One of them was Robert E. Lee, who wore a colonel's uniform. The other one was Ulysses S. Grant who wore a...

#10   If you were to subtract the number of integers from the number of natural numbers and the number of whole numbers, then add by the numbers that are neither prime nor composite (-1 included) then divide by three, what do you get? No GEMDAS needed.




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