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Do You Have This Phobia? IV

How well do you know the names for the phobias that almost everyone has one or more of? Watch for the clues!


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Created By:froggygg


#1   If you have Paraskavedekatriaphobia, you must be afraid of Jason.

#2   If you have Pediophobia, Barbie would not be popular with you.

#3   If you have Phobophobia, you must be afraid of everything!

#4   If you have Pteronophobia, you must be afraid to laugh when playfully touched by this soft item.

#5   If you have Ranidaphobia, you wouldn't like my collection or my name!

#6   If you have Samhainophobia, you must leave your lights off and not buy candy.

#7   If you have Scoleciphobia, you are not an early bird.

#8   If you have Selachophobia, you must not go near the water.

#9   If you have Taurophobia, you must not own a red cape.

#10   If you have Telephonophobia, you must not let your fingers do the walking.




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