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Henry VIII

How much do you know about Henry VIII and his ill-fated wives?


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#1   How many wives did Henry have killed?

#2   How many of Henry's marriages ended in divorce or annulment?

#3   Jane Seymour was the only one of Henry's wives to give him a male heir.

#4   Which of the following of Henry's wives outlived him?

#5   Henry had his marriage to Catherine of Aragon declared invalid on grounds of adultery.

#6   Anne Boleyn was accused of all the following crimes except:

#7   Before marrying Anne Boleyn, Henry had an affair with _______, Anne's sister.

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#8   Which of the following was not a lady-in-waiting before becoming Queen?

#9   How many of Henry's wives were actually crowned as Queen of England?

#10   King Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and subsequent marriage to Anne Boleyn led to the English Reformation.




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