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Software Terminology I

Software terminology refers to the various terms used while describing different aspects of computer software. Find out how many terms you are familiar with.


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#1   All software goes through a _____ phase when it is tested for bugs, errors, or any other types of problems.

#2   An organized unit of rows and columns of data which can be analyzed, queried, and reported on is called a _________.

#3   There is a database on every Microsoft Windows computer that stores all the information about the computer, such as desktop settings, programs installed, user settings, and so on. What is this database called?

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#4   A software application that you can use for life without paying anything for it is called a _________ application.

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#5   A software application that you can try out for a limited time after which you should buy it to enjoy full functionality is called a _____________ application.

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#6   Typically used with MP3 players, this term refers to the various themes available to change the look and the interface of your MP3 player on your computer.

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#7   When a software vendor wants to release several updates or patches for an application or an operating system, it combines them into what is known as a ________ ________.

#8   Software that tracks your browsing habits, transmits this and other information from your computer to another computer on the internet without your knowledge is called _______.

#9   The small bubble of helpful information that appears when you hover over an icon on your desktop is known as a ________.

#10   Many programs these days use an interface that guides users step by step to accomplish a task within the program. These helpful step-by-step sets of instructions are called _________.




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