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Classic Chaos

How well do you know Classical music?


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#1   What is Mozart's full name?

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#2   Beethoven's famous "Fur Elise" actually had a spelling mistake. What was its actual name?

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#3   Bach's famous concerto, the Italienisches Konzert, is in which key?

#4   Mozart could compose at the age of four.

#5   Mozart could compose an entire symphony in a stagecoach ride.

#6   How many symphonies did Beethoven write?

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#7   Who wrote the Chromatic Fantasy?

#8   Who influenced the left hand composing technique of many classical composers including Mozart and Beethoven? (Hint: He invented the Bass)

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#9   Who wrote Swan Lake? (Hint: He also wrote the Nutcracker)

#10   Who wrote Turkish March, also known as Rondo alla Turka?

#11   Who is the composer of Camptown Races?




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