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Surf Lingo

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Created By:eelliott2


#1   What do you call someone who says they surf but they don't?

#2   What is the method of getting through a breaking or broken wave when paddling out?

#3   What is the term for when the wave comes over your head and covers you while you're inside the wave and surfing?

#4   What is the side or edge of a surfboard called?

#5   A surfer's collection of boards is also known as a(n)...

#6   What is the term for choppy surf resulting from heavy onshore winds?

#7   What is the term for smooth seas resulting from calm wind conditions?

#8   A wave that breaks along its entire length simultaneously is called a(n) ______ wave.

#9   A surfer who paddles around behind someone who is in position and steals their wave is called a...

#10   Surfing with your right foot forward is called ____ foot.




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