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General Knowledge Quiz

Take this general knowledge quiz that will test your knowledge of animals, chemistry, and more!


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Created By:DaleGriffin


#1   How high is the Eiffel Tower?

#2   Ronnie O'Sullivan is famous for playing what sport?

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#3   In 1908, Cadbury introduced the Dairy Milk chocolate bar.

#4   Young cattle are called...

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#5   What is the capital city of Bulgaria (officially Republic of Bulgaria)?

#6   In psychology, IQ stands for what?

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#7   Tony Blair was born on 7th May 1953.

#8   Microsoft was co-founded by Bill Gates and Paul...

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#9   Which of the following is not a species of dolphin?

#10   In the periodic table of chemical elements, zinc is represented by the letters Zn.




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