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Sports Mixtures

See how many of these cool questions about different sports you know.


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#1   Table tennis became a sport at the Olympics in what year?

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#2   A wooden racket was last used at Wimbledon in what year?

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#3   During a game of soccer, who picked up the ball and began running with it, therefore leading to the development of the game rugby?

#4   Where did the game of squash originate?

#5   How thick (height) must a hockey puck be?

#6   James Naismith, who is credited as having invented basketball, worked as a...?

#7   How many players are on a U.S. men's lacrosse team?

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#8   Who was the first person to be recorded running a mile in under four minutes?

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#9   In 1991, Mike Powell jumped a total of 9.95 meters in the long jump.

#10   Surfing originated in Australia.




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