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Take this quiz and test yourself on trivia and facts about US States.


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#1   Which US State has the camellia as its state flower?

#2   Which US State does not have the cardinal as its state bird?

#3   The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon. Which US State is the Grand Canyon located in?

#4   The actor originally known as Marion Morrison was born in which US State?

#5   Mostly everyone is familiar with the 1st 13 colonies of America. What US state became the 14th state?

#6   Which US State was originally known as 'Seward's Folly'?

#7   Arizona, Colorado and Utah share a common corner with which other US State?

#8   Approximately how much of West Virginia's land is covered by forest?

#9   Which of these US State Capitals does not belong with the others? (It has nothing to do with geography.)

#10   In which US State was root beer invented?




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